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IGS 2017 & 125th Anniversary

19.09.2017 - Reports

The celebration of the 125th anniversary of founding the glass factory in Lednické Rovne was held at the end of June and early July titled the International Glass Symposium - RONA - 2017. For over 25 years, RONA has been organizing meetings of artists from around the world that have been brought to attention not only by the general public but also by artists and art theorists specialized in glassmaking. The aim was always to reach the widest range of artists and designers who come to Lednické Rovne to further present their work, the skills of the equestrian glassworks and people working in this industry.

China, USA, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated at the festive event. In addition to artists who have worked their works for the whole week and created their works in collaboration with glass masters, the art theorists and other specialists have also been invited. For this reason, lecture days were held at the LR, where designers presented their work with glass, and professionals from glass museums and galleries approached the audience with the richness of their collections.

This working week was closed on Saturday, July 1st with "Open Day” in the production plant and exhibition of realized works in the area of ​​the manor house.The number of visitors were allowed to visit new exhibition areas in the business center, in addition to the exposition in the exterior, where there is limited public admission during normal traffic.

All the works were subsequently presented as well as all the artifacts from the previous symposia in RONA GALLERY to preserve the continuity of the work of designers and their presentations at various exhibitions.

Part of "Open Doors Day" was also the baptism of the book "RONA Heart engraved in Glass", written by Pavol Dinka and photographer Eduard Timko.

With its breadth and richness, the publication has ranked among the most prominent RONA documents, as it captures all the major events in the glasshouse from its very beginning to the present. The baptism of the book was made by members of the Board and the book got every employee of RONA in addition to other benefits.

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